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Ebru Kuyak is a multidisciplinary artist and interior designer born in Bursa, Turkey. Growing up in an ancient city, rich with history and culture, has fundamentally shaped the way she approaches design. She began her formal education with painting and sculpture, and continued her education in product design and gained a master’s degree in interior architecture. She credits her time studying in Istanbul as a period that expanded her professional journey. 

​After her education, her passion for architecture and design history led her to travel to many different countries; exploring, collecting art and progressing her mastery of design and culture. She continued on to work with independent designers and artists. She formed relationships with traditional craftsmen, expanding on her deep bond with craftsmanship and the art of making an object sensitively. Her passion for the relationship between objects and space developed into a drive to create spaces not only where people live, but to have their lives improved.

Her extensive background as a creative has given her the ability to design objects and interiors that create a relationship with humans. Her enthusiasm for understanding the story and culture of others makes her practice unique and allows her to create living spaces that accentuate the most profound version of themselves. She is currently living in Los Angeles. 

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