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Marina Residence  -    
Los Angeles

This house is the perfect playground for a myriad of materials and feelings. There is a sense of balance and zen all throughout.

To the right of the entrance, there is a den comprised of relaxing tones and fun lighting.


Living Space

img_4007-1 copy__edited.jpg

The living room space contains a variety of different textures and materials. The outside greenery adds dimension and color to the interior.

Living Space

img_4849-1 copy.jpg


There is a lot of use of wood in the kitchen space, the stools, the cabinets. They are contrasted by the marble counter tops. 


Master Bedroom

There is an advantage to the use of dark colors in this room. The right side of the room carefully balances out the dark colors. 

Marina Venice Los Angeles Modern Interior Designer Ebru Kuyak 5.jpg

The second bedroom is a contrast from the previous bedroom, they are opposites. The second bedroom is a contrast from the previous bedroom, they are.

Second Guest Room 

img_4144-1 copy brightsharp.jpg

There is a series of bathrooms throughout. Changing colors between, red, white and blue.


img_3815-1 copy copy.jpg
img_3750-1 copy_.jpg
img_3717-1 copy_.jpg

Outside Lounge 

The outside space is meant to be like a playground, a pop of color had been added with the reading nook. 

img_6397-1 copy 2__.jpg
img_6226-1 copy.jpg
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