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In Marina Del Rey, a deep blue pool sits confidently in the backyard surrounded by green trees and radiant sunlight. A two-story house designed to receive sunlight at any time of day. The design is a playground, and it aims to create a calm, peaceful living space surrounded by iconic elements. Both Modern and Zen are combined fearlessly, achieving a sense of peace through balance, color, form and texture.

Marina Residence -
Los Angeles


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Upon walking in, a white hallway leads you towards the living room and adjacent kitchen where you're able to catch a glimpse of a R. Chwoika statue waiting for you at the end of the hallway. Life moves through this space through the works of some of the world’s most renowned designers, like Eames, Wegner, and Lissoni; numerous pieces from MOMA's very own permanent collection were carefully selected for this home. 

Home to an eclectic individual, this home is an ode to museums: silent, comfortable, magical. The Wegner chair in the living room is a nod to the homeowner’s favorite painter - Picasso. Such subtleties can be found in abundance all around.



A Botollo armchair sits quietly at the end of the dining table; it sits at a distance from the rest of the dining room chairs as if to breathe. Numerous objects and art have room to communicate freely with their environment - the house feels like a museum with its many paintings, sculptures, and designs carefully displayed among the rest of the furniture pieces.


The color red, a counterpart to blue, can be seen sparsely throughout the house. A red textured paintings hangs near the stairs to lure you upwards. For the homeowner, red is associated with luck, impacting their color and design choices.

Master Bedroom

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Master Bathroom 

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The blue bathroom inspires a nautical, sea-like experience. It’s easy to imagine yourself floating, looking up at the sky thanks to the shades of blue: one tone emulates the ocean, the other the sky. We used different shades of blue on the walls, ceiling and skylight to add a sense of texture without upsetting the balance of the home. We wanted to tap into the homeowners’ sense of inspired, holistic living, leading to consistent, natural colors.  

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White and black connect both guest bedrooms like a push and a pull. The white bedroom is tranquil - a large mirror leans on its side, reflecting sunlight that brightens up the room naturally.

Second Guest Room 

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Its counterpart is designed with more industrial and masculine traits, giving way for concrete, sharp lines and geometric forms.

Guest Bedroom One

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Third Guest Room Bathroom

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Color and textures of this home will change with time. However, this was an intentional choice.  A design must withstand the test of time, and there is something so beautiful about it changing into something completely different to the original. To us, that is the definition of timeless design.



Front Entrance Bathroom 


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