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Overlooking the sea - this home was designed for a couple looking for a transition in their lives. Slowly easing their way into retirement looking for a place to quietly enjoy moments that bring them comfort. Transition to a new place in their life, they needed only what was essential to them now. Almost as if to say, they are leaving their past life and only bringing what is important into their present life here in this new home. 

Pacific Palisades -
Ocean Hill 



Beach House1.jpg

Living Room


Calming aspects were achieved by using natural materials and white colors. Only the most crucial pieces of furniture were used in order to maintain a flow of tranquillity. The decision to bring the outside in was done in a thoughtful way, by using the surrounding ocean landscape as inspiration for artworks in the home. 

Office Area


To maintain elements from their past living spaces, the clients kept pieces of the home untouched and let them breathe as they are. Pieces like the upholstered leather armchair and the turtle hold a very special place in their hearts. Changing these pieces would have erased the memories associated with them; instead, they were given a new life by symbolizing the transition between the clients' history and their future. 


It was important to retain the memories of the objects instead of leaving them behind. There is a beauty in bringing older pieces and new pieces together within the design, so things feel new, but also familiar. 

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