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Scandinavian SD House3.jpg

In a crisp aired San Diego, sits a three-story house inspired by Scandinavian Design. The focus on function was a significant factor, by using Nordic principles, a still, balanced feeling achieved throughout the house all while exploring the clients' love and appreciation for the natural surrounding landscapes. 

San Diego Home


Scandinavian SD House4.jpg

Colors of the materials and textures selected gentle and light to reflect the ocean side feeling of natural and comfortable. Overall, we were alluding to wave-like breathing/movement. By utilizing natural upholstery, like fully grain aniline leathers, and linen rugs we ensured that an enjoyable and pleasant feeling was felt throughout the home. This sentiment extends towards all areas of the home - a natural soft oak was also used in the kitchen to create a consistent, natural design.

Living Room

Scandinavian SD House2.jpg
Scandinavian SD House1.jpg

Conceptually, bringing the outside inside was key. Because of the house's unique location, the layout was planned to maximize airflow to bring the outside in. The client cherished San Diego's crisp air, so the encouragement of maintaining doors to face the ocean, mountains and nature was crucial. While inside the home there are views of different natural landscapes and it was important to be able to admire them completely. 


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Scandinavian SD House7.jpg

Within the home, there are few patterns or big statement pieces. Instead, the outlines, colors and textures are made to silently play with the rest of the pieces. A warmth blankets the entire color palette. Everything from the gray tones, blue, and stones offer a sense of warmth. At first glance, it would seem that there is a minimal variation in the colors and textures used however when taking a closer look it is the complete opposite, this is due to how consistent the design is. 

Dining Area

Scandinavian SD House8.jpg
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