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Located within the bustling and fast-paced Arts District neighborhood this residence belongs to an energetic persona, who wanted to create a space that was to her specific taste, which required the formation of the perfect contrast between her inherently industrial building and her feminine energy. 

Toy Factory Loft  -
Arts District





There is an appreciation for natural tones and materials, however, she wanted to bring lots of color, too. The color pink was introduced to the palette and this resulted in a quintessential shift in the design language for the space. By carefully introducing this color it is clear when your eyes glide across the room that it plays off of each object almost harmonically. The addition of plants was a way to soften up the industrial feeling as well as create another layer of texture. 


There are details in this home that really inspired both the client and designer. The designer desired to use felt, which was a new material for the client, it was carefully used combined with timeless colors to bring in the right amount of warmth. The space, has more feminine colors and textures which contrasted well with the masculine impression of the concrete walls and ceilings. 



A private space was constructed separately for sleeping and resting. The client also wanted each room to have a distinct purpose, so we ensured the bedroom was and felt separate from the living space.

Since the space was filled with concrete, pipes on the ceiling, and metal frames. The design philosophy focused on contrast - how could we achieve a marriage between the industrial and feminine? To solve this problem, we used earthy, textured lines for the bed, while contrasting it with a velvet upholstered blue armchair and a cognac leather sofa. By contrasting colors, we were able to achieve a balance between the masculine, industrial framework of the client’s home and feminine design. 

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